Art Deco Typeface

This was one of my first explorations into developing a typeface in late 2019 and early 2020. These characters are built around extreme contrast between the thick and thin strokes and simple serifs. The overall look reminds me of an Art Deco style.

a art deco-01
b art deco-02
c art deco-03
d art deco-04
e art deco-05
f art deco-06
g art deco-07
h art deco-08
i art deco-09
j art deco-10
k art deco-11
l art deco-12
m art deco-13
n art deco-14
o art deco-15
p art deco-16
q art deco-17
r art deco-18
s art deco-19
t art deco-20
u art deco-21
v art deco-22
w art deco-23
x art deco-24
y art deco-25
z art deco-26
0 art deco-27
1 art deco-28
2 art deco-29
3 art deco-30
4 art deco-31
5 art deco-32
6 art deco-33
7 art deco-34
8 art deco-35
9 art deco-36